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Enhancing Science Partnerships for Innovation and Sustainable Development



Promoting high-profile public relations activities within the framework of the German-South African Science Year 2012/2013

The overriding goal of the German-South African Science Year 2012/2013 is to expand the two countries' cooperation in research policy and pave the way for sustainable solutions to global challenges. In particular, the Science Year is aiming to encourage international collaborations among up-and-coming scientists. In line with the slogan "Enhancing science partnerships for innovation and sustainable development", it is focused on the thematic areas of climate change, human capital development, bioeconomics, urbanisation/megacities, astronomy, health innovation, and humanities and social sciences.

As well as the scientific community, the Science Year is aimed at political decision-makers and companies, students, educational establishments and any members of the public with an interest in scientific matters. To accompany an announcement to this effect, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and South Africa's Department of Science and Technology (DST) are fostering promising initiatives and campaigns. In the period to April 2013, many and varied events will be held in Germany and South Africa. Scientific and educational organisations, research institutions, and business enterprises in both countries are participating actively with their own events.

List of projects funded within the Science Year

  • SA REUNION – ALUMNI MEETING / REUNION for participants of the Tübingen South Africa Program
  • ASA2012 – Astronomy with South Africa
  • 1st German‐South African school prize 2012 – materials research
  • ProExcel – “Women in Science ‐ Promoting Excellence and Innovation for Future Development”
  • GEO‐FUTURE – A Symposium on Earth System Science: Inkaba yeAfrica and Beyond
  • INVASPEC – Invasive animal and plant species from the perspective of international law
  • IVETNET – Initial Event in order to extend a network on advanced training and research for VET‐vocational educators in South Africa
  • Hoffmann Collection of Northern Sotho Cultural Heritage
  • "Between the Lines"
  • The development of multilateral and bilateral collaboration in marine science in South Africa
  • MOBIMED – IT‐based Technologies for Rural Healthcare and Mobile Clinics in South Africa
  • Mycotoxins in the Food Chain – Safety Hazard; Detection Methods and Elimination Techniques
  • Young Academies Symposium on SustainabilityResearch (YASS)
  • Religions and Ethics in a Globalized World (REGloW)
  • Workshop on Sustainable Resource Based Sanitation and Organic Waste Utilisation
  • ACCTA 2013 (Advances in Cement and Concrete Technology in Africa)