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Enhancing Science Partnerships for Innovation and Sustainable Development


Ambassador for the Year of Science

Interview with the special ambassador of the Year of Science, Motsi Mabuse
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Photo gallery: Closing Event in Berlin 16/04/2013

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German-South African Science Network
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Practically oriented research is the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft's (Fraunhofer Society) mission. The research organisation, which was founded in 1949, pursues applied research to benefit the private sector and society as a whole. Its contract partners and customers are industrial and service companies as well as the public sector.

International offices ensure contact with the most important scientific and economic regions of the present and future.

With its clear orientation around applied research and its focus on the key technologies of the future, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft plays a central role in the innovation process of Germany and Europe. The impact of applied research extends beyond the direct benefits for the customers: the Fraunhofer Institutes contribute to the competitiveness of the region, Germany and Europe with their research and development work. They stimulate innovation, strengthen technological capability, improve acceptance of modern technology and provide basic and advanced training for the urgently needed future generation of scientists and technicians.

South Africa is the focus of the bilateral cooperation in sub-Saharan Africa and encompasses a wide range of issues. Bilateral cooperation with South Africa has developed very well since 1996. Many Fraunhofer Institutes are further expanding their position on this dynamic market and cultivating close ties with South African companies and academic institutions. In the last few years, collaborative projects have been initiated in the areas of, e.g. production technology, tool machines, laser technology, communication technology, software engineering and mobile services. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft supports several Fraunhofer Institutes internally through market development projects. Regular exchanges take place between students and researchers of the Fraunhofer Institutes and South African universities and research institutes.